Kamaria Christian Death; Victims of Fatal Shooting Identified As Mom and Daughter

The two teenage girls and their mother lived together in a residence in the southwest part of Memphis, according to the report from the Memphis Police Department.

The mother’s name is Kamaria Christian, who also goes by the name Kamaria Bobo, and the name of the child who is 13 years old is Tori Christian, according to sources who spoke with FOX13. On Field Lark Drive, the police discovered their bodies after they had been shot.

15-year-old Taylor Logan, who was another victim of the shooting on Field Lark Drive, is still being treated at the hospital and remains in critical condition.

2:36 A girl and a woman were killed, and another girl was injured, following a shooting in southwest Memphis, according to Memphis Police.

After a shooting in southwest Memphis, Memphis Police said a girl and a woman were killed and another girl was injured.

According to the police, a shooting in Westwood resulted in the deaths of one young woman and one little girl, while another young girl was critically injured.

Mavis Christian has been identified as the culprit who shot the woman, the two teenage girls, and another teenage girl, leaving the latter in serious condition, according to the findings of the Memphis Police Department.

According to those that spoke with FOX13, Kamaria Christian, also known as Bobo, was Mavis Christian’s niece.

They were wonderful human beings. Kymarah Shakerin, a neighbor who resided across the street from the home, expressed her opinion that “no one deserved that, but especially them because of how kind they were to people.”

Shakerin reflected on the times she spent with her friend and the mother of their mutual friend’s daughter.

“Whenever I went to visit her at her house, she treated me as if I were a member of her own family. She made it clear that people over there loved having me around. According to Shakerin, “She pretty much welcomed me into her family with open arms and treated me like I was one of her own.”

Immediately prior to the launch of a manhunt, Memphis Police stated that Mavis Christian was responsible for the shooting deaths of two additional women at separate crime locations.

Later, his body was discovered in South Memphis with a wound consistent with self-infliction, according to the police.