Max Yeater Missing: Police Announced the Dissaperance of 15-Year-Old Teenager, Max Yeater

Max Yeater Missing: Police Announced the Dissaperance of 15-Year-Old Teenager Max Yeater

Max Yeater Missing; The Westport community of Connecticut is currently rallying together in an effort to locate 15-year-old Maxwell David Yeater, who has been missing since November 18, 2023.

Missing Max Yeater

Max Yeater was last seen on November 18, 2023, in Westport.He was reportedly last spotted at the Newman’s Preservatory Trail off Bayberry Lane in Westport. Despite ongoing efforts by the Westport Police Department, Max Yeater remains missing, leading to increased concerns for his well-being.

Community Banding Together to Find Max

The Westport community has united in their efforts to locate Max Yeater. Authorities have issued alerts, and the public is being asked to provide any information that may aid in finding him. The collaborative search involves community members, law enforcement agencies, and volunteers who are determined to bring Max home safely.


The disappearance of Max Yeater, a 15-year-old from Westport, CT, has sparked a community-wide search effort. With the support of the Westport Police Department and the collaboration of community members, there is hope that Max will be found soon. As the search continues, everyone is urged to remain vigilant and report any relevant information to the authorities