Reverend Christopher Hembrom Death; Team Meet Tragic End In A Fatal Crash At Kamle District

A terrible car accident in the Kamle District claimed the lives of Reverend Christopher Hembrom and his entire team. This is indeed a sad news that has caused great wave of shock. May their souls rest in peace.

Reverend Christopher Hembrom and four of his associates were traveling back to Dumporijo after attending a major healing crusade in Dumporijo from November 15-17 when they were involved in a tragic accident that resulted in their untimely deaths.

The tragedy was extremely upsetting. The terrible event came to light when the vehicle in which they were traveling was destroyed by falling boulders and mud on package 5 of the Trans Highway, which is located between Muri Mugli Road and Gami Road.

Reverend Christopher Hembrom, Nirmal Hemram, and Abhijit Hemram have been established as the identities of three of the victims, while the identity of the fourth victim has not yet been determined.

According to the reports, the bodies of the people who passed away were transported to Daporijo for post-mortem examinations, and once all of the necessary legal procedures were completed, the bodies would be delivered to the members of their respective families.

Reverend Christopher Hembrom is noted for his transformational journey from an angry rebel in the 1990s known as Daitu who was seeking retribution for the alleged murder of his brother to becoming a Christian spiritual leader.

Hembrom became known for this trip since he went from wanting retribution to becoming a Christian spiritual leader. Hembrom, who had been a leader in the practice of abduction for ransom, turned himself in to the government of Assam on February 17, 2001, and began studying theology at Tamil Nadu Bible College in the following year. His premature death has created a significant hole among the Christian brethren throughout the entirety of the North Eastern region.