John Sprague Obituary – Death: Retired Riverview High Football Coach, John Sprague Passes Away

John Sprague Obituary – Death: Retired Riverview High Football Coach, John Sprague Passes Away

John Sprague Obituary; John Sprague, a retired Riverview High School football coach from Sarasota, Florida, sadly passed away. On Friday, November 17, 2023, he passed away in the company of his cherished family.

“Thank you Coach John Sprague for all the Lives you have touched and helped and gave opportunities to. Love you and will miss you!! RIP πŸ™πŸΎπŸ™πŸΎπŸ™πŸΎ”

John Sprague Career

Sprague joined the Rams as head football coach in 1981 and served in that capacity for an outstanding thirty years. He then moved on to become the athletic director of the school and is currently the boys golf coach. Sprague had a respectable 198-68 record in his time as the head coach of the Rams.

Sarasota-Riverview won four regional titles, nine district championships, and twice was named state runner-up while he was coaching them. Notably, Sprague won the esteemed titles of FHSAA Coach of the Year three times and Nike’s Coach of the Year twice. His long-lasting influence in the Tampa community has created relationships in the football community at many levels.

Beyond the stats, Coach Sprague’s coaching philosophy goes beyond winning, emphasizing the use of football as a transforming tool for developing young people’s brains, establishing self-discipline, and creating a sense of camaraderie off the field.

Coach Sprague is viewed by his players not only as a coach but also as a father figure and mentor who values their personal development just as much as their success on the field.

What you need to know about John Sprague

Sprague’s dedication to fostering a family-like environment on the team was a hallmark of his coaching style. Gamers frequently talk about the strong sense of brotherhood and solidarity he fosters, creating a setting where every player is encouraged and felt important.

In addition to helping teams have successful seasons, this feeling of community has had a long-lasting effect on the people who have participated in Coach Sprague’s program. He has a kind and upbeat disposition and an unrelenting optimism that surpasses the difficulties of the game.

He continues to be a source of inspiration despite failure or misfortune, highlighting the value of resiliency and willpower. His capacity to inspire his team members with inspirational remarks or a well-timed joke is proof of the enormously good influence a coach’s demeanor can have on a team’s morale and performance.