John Donnelly Obituary-Death News; Rev Of St Michael’s Church, John Donnelly Passes Away

John Donnelly Obituary-Death News; Rev Of St Michael’s Church, John Donnelly Passes Away

We share with heavy hearts and profound grief the news of The Rev. John Donnelly’s untimely death on November 5, 2023.

Those who knew and loved Father John will always feel his absence. He was a spiritual guide and a rock of strength. We come together to consider the significant life he led and the lasting impression he left on the St. Michael’s community, even if the specifics of his funeral have not yet been revealed.

From 1992 until 2011, Father John and Mother Ellen shared the role of Co-Rector at St. Michael’s, a collaboration that grew to be the cornerstone of the thriving spiritual community of the church.

Together, they fostered a sense of togetherness among the parishioners and forged enduring relationships as they supported their church through happy and sad times.

Father John was well-known for his steadfast devotion to the Lord and his ministry went beyond the pulpit. His unwavering commitment to working with St. Michael’s youth has had a lasting influence on many young lives.

His advice, mentorship, and compassionate understanding enabled a generation to rise above the obstacles of adolescence and embrace their faith with grace and resilience. Father John was known for his ability to deliver sermons that were both creatively interesting and spiritually enlightening.

His use of intriguing props gave his talks a special and unforgettable touch that helped everyone in the assembly understand and relate to the gospel lessons.

We offer Mother Ellen and the Donnelly family our sincere condolences as we gather to mourn the passing of a beloved spiritual leader. Undoubtedly, the abruptness of Father John’s death adds another layer of sorrow, and we are sending our condolences and prayers during this trying time.