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Keagan Spencer Car Accident: 25-Year-Old Towing Vehicle, Keagan Spencer Hit and Killed in Tragic Car Crash

Keagan Spencer Car Accident: A 25-year-old man from Hastings has been killed after he was hit by a car, while helping a dog in the median.

Michigan State Police (MSP) says it happened Saturday afternoon on eastbound M-6 near Kraft Avenue.

He has been identified as Keagan Spencer, according to MSP.

Troopers say he was towing vehicles when he stopped and got out to reportedly help the dog.

Witnesses told investigators another car lost control, went into the median and hit Spencer.

MSP says he died from his injuries.


Family and friends of 25-year-old Keagan Spencer honored his life Saturday night.

According to Michigan State Police, Spencer was killed after he was hit by a car earlier in the day. The crash happened on eastbound M-6 near Kraft Avenue. MSP said Spencer was outside his vehicle in the median, apparently stopping to help a dog.

Matthew Spencer said his son Keagan was at work and driving his tow truck when he pulled over.

“All he was doing was going to work today, and he’s not going home to his family,” Matthew Spencer said.

Family and loved ones said Spencer was a great freind, someone they could always count on.

“It didn’t matter what you needed,” said Blake Garver, a close friend. “What the circumstances were, what the situation was, if you called him, he answered. He would drop anything to help anybody.”

Spencer’s father said becoming a tow truck driver was always in his son’s future.

“Keagan was a third-generation tower,” Matthew Spencer said. “My dad was a tower, myself, and Keagan was in a tow truck from the moment he was born… he just got this in his blood.”

On Saturday, his father shared a message for drivers out on the roads, urging them to slow down.

“Imagine your desk chair put on the white line on the highway, and you’ve got to have cars that are buzzing by you at 60, 70, 80 mph. It’s really scary,” he said. “This towing community really deserves a little bit of respect from the motoring public, to just slow down. Help us out there.”