Brenda Cunningham Obituary: Internet personality, songwriter Cara Cunningham mourns Brenda Cunningham’s death

Brenda Cunningham Obituary Bristol, Tennessee: Internet personality, songwriter Cara Cunningham mourns Brenda Cunningham’s death.

Internet personality, songwriter, recording artist, YouTuber, and former adult film actress, Cara Cunningham is mourning the death of Brenda Cunningham.

“Mamaw, Brenda Cunningham has gone to heaven. She was surrounded at home by her husband (Papaw) , me, my dad and my step mom,” Cara wrote in a social media post on Saturday, November 4.

“There is no easy way to type the depth loss that is felt or the depth of what an amazing woman she was. She raised me as her own, from the age of 4 & got me out of foster care. She was the oldest of her siblings and even help take care of them. She loved them, her children, grandchildren, her nieces & nephews, & friendswith all her heart.. She even treated my best friends (& even my ex) as her own grandchildren. Charlie was her favorite dog she’s ever known and he watched over her every night after hospisce let her be at home. She never judged anyone and that’s what made her the truest Christian I’ve ever known. She loved me regardless that the church she went to for 20 years shunned her for me being myself. When I was considered an embarrassment – She was my best friend, through my messiest moments. I know she is in Heaven now with her mom Dorothy & sister Barbara.”

“She was the matriarch & rock of the family.. I am going to try to be strong for my family the way she was for hers when her mom passed.. Nothing & no one will ever fill the void in my heart, but I also know I’ll always carry her there in my heart also.”

Thoughts and prayers to Brenda’s family and friends.

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