Robert Curran Obituary – Death: Boston MA Man and Vietnam War Veteran, Robert Curran Passes Away

Robert Curran Obituary – Death: Boston, MA Man and Vietnam War Veteran, Robert Curran Passes Away

Robert Curran Obituary: Robert Curran unexpectedly passed away. The official date of his death was Thursday, November 2, 2023. After hearing of his untimely demise, he left behind many broken hearts. All of us who had the pleasure of getting to know him during his life will always miss him.

“We mourn the passing of my uncle Robert Curran. He was a man among men. A decorated Vietnam veteran with more days of contact with the enemy than any American soldier should have to endure He came back to Mission Hill and built a family and a life of dignity. Born on Saint Alphonsus Street, he moved across a single back yard to Pontiac Street. Family meant everything to him and he leaves children and grandchildren that will miss him dearly. It has been a tough couple of weeks in our family with the loss of Uncle Richard two weeks ago and now the shock of this.”

Who was Robert Curran?

Robert was a famous Vietnam War veteran who had seen more days of close-quarters combat with the enemy than any other soldier from the United States should have had to endure.

He moved back to Mission Hill, where he established a family and led a morally upright life. The only thing separating him from Saint Alphonsus Street after his birth is a single backyard: Pontiac Street. His children and grandchildren will be heartbroken by his passing because his family was the most important aspect of his life.