Blake Bochnicek Obituary; A lifetime Omaha, Nebraska Native Has Passed Away.

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A Tribute to a Lifelong Omaha, Nebraska Resident. We announce Blake Bochnicek’s passing on November 2, 2023, with deep sadness. Blake was a cherished native who lived his entire life in Omaha, Nebraska, where he had a profound impact on many people and will always be remembered. Born and raised in Omaha, Blake Bochnicek was a real Cornhusker State native.

He served as an example of commitment to one’s profession, perseverance in the face of difficulty, and hometown pride. Blake not only lived in Omaha for the majority of his life, but he also made a major impact on the growth and advancement of the city. Blake was a devoted family man who provided support and stability to those close to him. His 45-year wife Sarah, as well as their kids Ethan and Jessica, will sadly miss him. Future generations will find inspiration in his never-ending love and wisdom as a spouse and father.

Blake was well-known in the community’s business community and considered a successful businessman. He owned a prosperous family business that helped the entire neighborhood as well as his own household. He was well known for his honest and moral business practices as well as his unwavering commitment to his employees and clients.

Blake was not only a rising star on his CV but also a pillar in his community. He provided priceless contributions to the community and was a vital member of multiple charity organizations in Omaha. His generosity and desire to assist the least fortunate knew no bounds. Blake was always linked to progress and betterment in the community, whether he was helping out at neighborhood schools, supporting low-income families, or volunteering at major occasions.

Blake loved Nebraska’s breathtaking scenery and did his part to preserve it whenever he could. His passion for being outside, be it hiking, camping, or fishing, was contagious. These trips with close ones developed into treasured family customs.