Wilber Alvarado Perez Car Accident: In Loving Memory of 15-Year-Old Wilber Alvarado Perez

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Wilber Alvarado Perez Car Accident: In Loving Memory of 15-Year-Old Wilber Alvarado Perez

Wilber Alvarado Perez Car Accident: Further information has emerged about the tragic passing of a young boy in a violent collision involving three vehicles on SR-161.

The 15-year-old, Wilber Alvarado Perez, lost his life in the collision that occurred close to East Dublin Granville Road in North Columbus last month.

In reference to the heartbreaking incident, attorney Theran Selph, representing the family, expressed, “He was an adored and treasured son. The family is in deep sorrow, grieving the loss of their beloved family member.”

Selph revealed that the young teenager was seated in the front passenger seat and bore the full force of the collision.

Although the loved ones of the deceased are too distraught to talk about their loss, Selph provided more insights into the character of the young boy.

“He was a well-behaved kid, attending high school. The family is grateful for the support from their relatives, friends, and the community. They appreciate the space provided for them to mourn,” Selph emphasised.

Citing potential contributing factors, Selph suggested that speed might have played a role in the accident.

“We are collaborating with an expert in accident reconstruction to ascertain the speed of the oncoming vehicles that collided with and claimed the lives of my client. Based on the severity of the black SUV’s multiple flips following the accident, it appears to us that the oncoming vehicles were exceeding the stated 45 mph speed limit,” Selph asserted.

Emergency teams arrived shortly after the collision, finding all the vehicles involved heavily damaged and debris strewn across the area.

Additionally, Selph informed us that the driver of the vehicle carrying Alvarado-Perez sustained severe injuries and is currently fighting for recovery.

“I understand they were friends, and the young driver is in a critical condition and still hospitalised,” Selph disclosed.

The Columbus police department continues to investigate the incident.