Joe Wood Obituary; Former NBBA President Has Passed Away.

We regret to inform you of the demise of Joe Wood, a former player for the Chicago Comets and President of the National Beep Baseball Association (NBBA). Joe Wood will always be honored for his services to the beep baseball community and his lasting legacy in the sports world.

Joe Wood’s incredible career as a player for the Chicago Comets marked the beginning of his adventure in the sports world. On the field, he was a formidable opponent due to his commitment, tenacity, and everlasting love for the game. He left an enduring impression on the game by inspiring countless players and spectators alike when he was on the field.

Following his remarkable athletic career, Joe Wood persisted in contributing to the sport he cherished. He became president of the NBBA and dedicated his life to developing beep baseball, a sport for competitors who are blind or visually handicapped.

The NBBA expanded significantly under his direction, attracting more teams and players. Joe Wood is highly commended for his dedication to promoting inclusivity and equal opportunity for all athletes. He was a firm believer in the ability of sports to unite people despite differences in ability or disability. Beep baseball’s future was shaped by his commitment to providing visually impaired athletes with a positive and encouraging environment.

Beep baseball fans are saddened by the news of Joe Wood’s demise, and we are sending our condolences and thoughts to his family during this trying time. We recall the amazing contributions he made to the sport and the lives he touched along the way, even as we grieve the loss of a real legend. As they become available, information on the plans to honor Joe Wood’s life and legacy will be disclosed. We must unite as a community to pay our condolences and recognize the guy who devoted his life to improving the accessibility and inclusivity of beep baseball.