Josh Sluis Obituary; Josh Sluis, Holland Michigan Has Sadly Passed Away.

We regret to inform you that Josh Sluis died on October 31, 2023. He was a Holland, Michigan resident. Everyone who met Josh admired and appreciated him. He usually smiled and would go out of his way for those he cared about. Everyone who had the privilege of knowing him will be deeply affected by his death.

Josh spent his entire life in his hometown of Holland, Michigan. He was completely focused on his roles as a son, brother, and parent. He was the beloved husband of Sarah and the adoring father of two children, Emily and Ethan. Nothing made him happier than spending time with his loved ones.

Josh was a pillar in his community as well as a loving husband and father. Many people looked up to him as a trustworthy friend who was always available to help when they needed it. He demonstrated his commitment to make the world a better place by taking part in a variety of community projects and fundraising events.

Josh’s zeal for life included an interest in wildlife. He spent his weekends hiking and exploring Michigan’s natural treasures. He was always up for an adventure, whether it was a stroll through a state park or a fishing excursion at one of the neighboring lakes, and he clearly loved nature.

Josh’s memory reminds us to cherish every moment spent with loved ones and to make a difference in the world. His legacy of love, kindness, and generosity will live on in the hearts of all who had the good fortune to know him. Donations in Josh’s honor can be sent to any local charity or community group.