Rory Domitrovits Obituary-Death News; Resident Of New Paltz NY Rory Domitrovits Passes Away

Rory Domitrovits Obituary-Death News; Resident Of New Paltz NY Rory Domitrovits Passes Away

Mike and Nancy Domitrovits, longtime friends and residents of New Paltz, are in grief following the untimely death of their beloved son Rory, who passed away this past weekend in a sad incident. He passed away today, Monday, October 30, 2023, according to Principal Real Estate Broker Anita Domitrovits Cunniff.

At the time of this publication, the public was not aware of the circumstances surrounding Rory Domitrovits’ cause of death. His family has, however, confirmed the devastating information. We are sending the family our best wishes and thoughts during this trying time.

To those who knew him well, Rory Domitrovits was the epitome of gentleness. He easily won the hearts of everyone around him with his kind manner and constant pleasant grin. He was a shining example of compassion, and his deeds revealed this.

Rory’s generosity was evident, whether it was providing support to a friend in need or listening intently to someone who was in need of consolation. His encounters were characterised by his charming innocence, as he consistently choose to provide words of support and encouragement.

He frequently went above and above to share happiness and positivity since he had the unique capacity to make others feel loved and appreciated. He overcame many obstacles, yet he never wavered in his positivity, which motivated everyone who came into contact with him.

His modest but meaningful considerate acts made a lasting impression on many people’s hearts, characterising him as a kind youngster whose presence made everyone around him feel happy and comfortable.

Rory left behind a legacy of steadfast tenderness in the annals of memory, reminding everyone of the great influence of a kind soul and the beauty found in kindness.