Josh Gallo Obituary; Deceased, A Lifelong Oak Ridge, New Jersey Native.

We regret to notify you of Josh Gallo’s passing on October 30, 2023. Josh was a neighbor and close friend in Oak Ridge, New Jersey. Many individuals in the community were deeply impacted by Josh’s amazing life, and they will always remember him with fondness. Josh Gallo was born on February 14, 1960, and has spent his entire life in Oak Ridge, New Jersey, a small hamlet.

He was a family man who always made time for his wife of thirty-five years, Sarah, and his two kids, Emily and Daniel. Josh never passed up the chance to spend time with his loved ones, whether it was on lavish vacations or during peaceful Sunday dinners. Josh was a dedicated family man and a respected member of the community. He was actively involved in the community, lending a hand to organizations like Little League and the Oak Ridge Food Bank.

Throughout his life, his eagerness to provide a hand to others and commitment to service were outstanding traits. Other well-known qualities of Josh were his infectious laugh and his love of the great outdoors.

He loved the outdoors and was a competent woodworker whose work could be found in the houses of many Oak Ridge residents. His love of the outdoors and his skill as a craftsman shone through in everything he created.