Jimmy Darts Gofundme Refund; Jimmy Darts Deletes Video of Lukas Hintzman from Minneapolis

Lukas Hintzman and  the Jimmy Darts Saga: What’s going on with the Jimmy Darts Fundraiser for Lucas Hintzman? According to the story we got, Jimmy Darts, who is a social media influencer, is pleading with the general public to help Lukas Hintzman get off the street.
Jimmy organised a fundraiser to help an 18-year-old named Lukas, who became homeless after his mother passed away. The campaign raised $117,305, significantly surpassing its initial goal of $20,000. organising the fundraising, he wrote,
“He shared with me how he’d become homeless when his mom passed away He’s been staying at friends houses as much as possible and in the homeless shelter. Most of his relatives are either dead, out of state or addicts and so he wants to stay clear of that path. Let’s change his life and raise enough money for him to never have to sleep outside or in a shelter again. No kid deserves to go through what he’s been through. After getting to know him and understand that he’s not addicted to any drugs or alcohol I think he would be the perfect person for us all to gather together and help change his life! Let’s get him his very own place and potential enough for him to have a car to get to work in!”
Jimmy Kellog, popularly known as Jimmy Darts, is a social media personality famous for his TikTok account with over 11.8 million followers. He is known for his random acts of kindness and strives to change lives through his actions.
Jimmy has, however, refunded the money to those who came together to raise it, and in his words, he said Lukas was in agreement.

“Hi everyone, Due to misstatements we learned regarding the beneficiary; I have decided to refund the fundraiser in total and Lukas is in agreement. GoFundMe will be issuing the refunds today, and you will receive your donation back in full in 3-7 business days. Thank you for your continued support. Jimmy” He wrote.