Will brackett Shooting; Victim, Will brackett killed in Lewiston Mass Shooting

Will brackett Shooting; Victim, Will brackett killed in Lewiston Mass Shooting

Authorities have identified the individuals who died in the deadly shooting in Lewiston. The names of the individuals that were identified were: Bryan Macfarlane, Steve Vozzella, Arthur Strout, Joshua Seal, Peyton Brewer-Ross, Maxx Hathaway, Bill Young, Aaron Young, Bob Violettte, Ron Morin, Tricia Asselin, Tom Conrad, Billy Brackett, Michael Deslauriers II, Joseph Walker, Jason Walker, and Bryan Macfarlane. The whereabouts of the alleged gunman, Robert Card, are unknown to the state police.

Robert Card has been in the army reserve since December 2002, according to confirmation from army officials. Prior to the Lewiston mass shooting, the current rank held was sergeant first class.

Following the violence, there was a lot of shock in the town, and as authorities searched for Robert Card, there was silence. In Maine, in the northeastern region of the country, a shooter opened fire, leaving at least eighteen dead and thirteen injured.

The shooting spree in Lewiston, a town of around 39,000 people, started on Wednesday at around 7:00 p.m. when police got reports of a gunman at a bowling alley that was hosting a kid’s event. The shooting spree started at the same moment the alley hosted the gathering.

Reports of yet another shooting at a local tavern and grill surfaced not long after that. During this time, the police asked that people stay inside their homes and lock them.

The Lewiston Police Department uploaded the wanted poster to its Facebook page and later disclosed that Robert Card was the person pictured. Despite having a history of mental health issues, including hearing voices, Card had received training as a firearms instructor at a US army reserve training camp in Maine, according to a state police notice.

That being said, Card had been experiencing auditory hallucinations. The alert also revealed that the forty-year-old man had spent two weeks during the summer at a mental health facility, according to an Associated Press report.