Sabu Pravadas Obituary; Popular Malayalam Art Director Sabu Pravadas Passed Away.

The loss of Sabu Pravadas, a renowned art director and devoted scholar of film art matters, is being felt deeply by the Malayalam film industry. Over the course of his successful career, he contributed to a number of legendary films, including Run Baby Run, Parvathi Parinayam, Otadipathathal, King’s Son, Manu Uncle, Roadside View, Kattukthira, Pathram, Lelam, and Amrutham. He won the state award for best film-related piece last year, demonstrating his deep appreciation of the cinematic medium.

The Malayalam cinema industry sadly said goodbye to acclaimed art director Sabu Pravadas on Friday, October 27, following his untimely death. His death brought an end to a grueling 10-day struggle that started on October 18 with a car accident that sent him to Thiruvananthapuram Medical College for treatment. We shall never forget Sabu Pravadas’s contribution to the Malayalam film industry, and the fans and industry alike are very saddened by his passing.

Sabu Pravadas was well-liked in the business due to his exceptional work as well as his strong friendship with Malayalam filmmakers.Sabu Pravadas will surely live on in the film business as it mourns the passing of a creative icon, making a lasting impression on the Malayalam film industry’s art and skill. Future generations of filmmakers and film enthusiasts will remember and respect his achievements as an art director and his commitment to delving into the subtleties of cinematic art concerns.