Dr. Hirak Jyoti Adhikari Obituary; Former Minister, MLA Paresh Adhikari’s Son Passes Away.

The Mekhliganj block is in mourning for the death of Dr. Hirak Jyoti Adhikari, the only son of former minister and Mekhliganj MLA Paresh Chandra Adhikari, who died at the age of thirty. Locals say Jyoti suddenly collapsed at home on Friday morning and was rushed to Mekhliganj Subdivision Hospital, where doctors pronounced him dead due to a massive heart attack. His body was then brought back to his residence. Upon learning of the news, several notable people, including state TMC vice-president Rabindranath Nath Ghosh, Khageswar Roy, and Sitai MLA Jagdish Chandra Barma Basuniya, hurried to the scene. The body was then taken to the TMC party office and finally to the crematorium.

In addition to being a committed social worker and the chairman of the Trinamool Youth Congress, Jyoti Adhikari was a doctor. Even at such a young age, he had already left a deep impression on the hearts of the locals.

MLA Paresh Adhikari’s name came up in teacher recruitment corruption. During his tenure, he was the Minister of State Food and Supplies Department. He has been doing left-wing politics for a long time. He then joined the Trinamool after shifting states. He stood on Trinamool Congress ticket in 2019 Lok Sabha elections. However, he was defeated in the Lok Sabha elections. After that, Paresh won again in the assembly elections. He became the Minister of State for Education in Trinamool Jamana. However, his daughter Ankita Adhikari’s name came up in the teacher corruption case in the state.