Brad McGarry Obituary Dateline ‘Dangerous Secret’: Ohio man kills best friend to cover up their gay affair

Brad McGarry Obituary Bellaire: Ohio man kills best friend to cover up their gay affair; Where is David Kinney now?

In the basement of his Bellaire, Ohio, home, 43-year-old Brad McGarry was discovered dead on May 7, 2017, having sustained two gunshot wounds to the back of his head. When he dropped off a weed-eater at McGarry’s house, his wife and small kid were with him, according to his best buddy, 30-year-old David Kinney.

McGarry’s living room and kitchen had been entirely looted, so the police initially thought his death was the consequence of a botched robbery. However, upon closer examination, investigators discovered nothing valuable had been taken.

After following several fruitless leads for the next day, officials were unable to identify a suspect until Schuyler Strawser, McGarry’s cousin, made a crucial revelation that changed the course of the investigation.

According to Strawser, they had been hanging out until 1:30 PM on the day McGarry was killed. Detectives were informed by her that McGarry had left to meet “DJ,” a married guy McGarry had been having an affair with for “years.” According to Strawser, the reason the two were having issues was because McGarry was attempting to get DJ to divorce his wife.

“I guess they call him DJ or David Kinney,” Strawser said to investigators when they asked for further information about DJ. He has only ever told me about one guy, the one.”