Steve Winkle Obituary; Sadly, A Florence, Alabama, Resident Passed Away.

Sadly, Steve Winkle, a well-liked resident of Florence, Alabama, lost his life on October 24th, 2023. Those closest to him and the greater community both feel his absence very keenly. During his time on Earth, Steve had a significant influence on the lives of several people. Steve, who was born on April 12, 1955, gave his all to his family, friends, and community throughout his whole life. He was a dedicated husband to his wife of 45 years, Mary, as well as a loving father to his three children, Sarah, David, and Emily. Because of Steve’s unwavering commitment to his loved ones, his home was a haven of affection, hilarity, and warmth.

Throughout his professional life, Steve has done a great deal for the people in his community. He spent over three decades of his life working as a teacher at Florence High School, where he had a significant impact on many students’ lives. He served as a mentor and friend to his students in addition to being their instructor. Steve continued to be active in the community when he left his job. He frequently donated his services, demonstrating his commitment to improving Florence. His warmth and charity made him popular with everyone he met.

Since Steve was often seen singing and playing the guitar, family and friends knew he had a great love for music. He generously shared his love of music with the world, benefiting those who had the good fortune to see him perform. Steve Winkle’s passing leaves his loved ones and the city of Florence in sad sorrow. His example of compassion, charity, and volunteerism will forever serve as a guidance and an inspiration to those who had the good pleasure to know him. Everyone who had the privilege of meeting Steve will always remember him with affection.