Erica Greathouse Obituary: In loving memory of Columbus woman killed in fiery Bartholomew County crash

Erica Greathouse Car Accident: In loving memory of Columbus woman killed in fiery Bartholomew County crash.

Officers from the Bartholomew County Sheriff’s Department are looking into a single-vehicle accident where a woman was found dead inside the car on Monday afternoon.

A caller reported seeing smoke in the vicinity, prompting deputies to rush to the accident at 4:15 p.m. near the 13000 block of South County Road 100W, according to Sgt. Dane Duke, a Bartholomew County Sheriff’s Department spokesperson.

According to Duke, when the caller investigated the smoke, they discovered a burning car. It looked like the car had collided with a tree close to the road.

According to Duke, when police got on the scene, they were unable to see inside the car or get close enough to enter it. Despite using three fire extinguishers, the responding cops were unable to extinguish the fire.

After arriving on the site, firefighters from Wayne Township Fire Department and Southwest Volunteer Fire Department put out the fire. Inside the car, there was just one dead person, authorities said.

The victim was identified as Erica Greathouse.

The Celebration of Life service for Erica Greathouse, will be Friday October 27. Receiving line will open at the 3:30, Service at 5:30 at Ogilville Christian Church. 7891 W 450 S, Columbus In.