Roxborough High School Shooting: Philadelphia Police Arrest 5th Suspect in 2022 Roxborough High School Football Shooting

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Roxborough High School Shooting: Philadelphia Police Arrest 5th Suspect in 2022 Roxborough High School Football Shooting

Roxborough High School Shooting: The fifth and final suspect in the 2022 deadly Roxborough High School shooting was arrested Monday at Lennox Apartments in Philadelphia’s Germantown neighbourhood.

Dayron Burney-Thorn was arrested at the Lennox Apartments, located at 236 West Walnut Lane in Germantown, according to the U.S. Marshal’s Office.

When law enforcement arrived, they knocked on Burney-Thorn’s door and he subsequently jumped out of a fourth-floor window and fell in front of U.S. Marshals who were waiting for him on the ground.

The U.S. Marshal’s office said 17-year-old Burney-Thorn was seriously injured in that fall.

But even after that, officials say he struggled with members of the Fugitive Task Force until he was finally arrested.

After being taken into custody, he was transported to a hospital for treatment.

Burney-Thorn has been on the run for over a year. The U.S. Marshals issued a warrant for him back on October 4, 2022.

Burney-Thorne is one of the five suspects that were involved in a shooting outside of Roxborough High School in September 2022, where five people were shot, including 14-year-old Nicolas Elizalde of Havertown, Pennsylvania.

A group of people jumped out of a Ford Explorer and unleashed a barrage of bullets at football players, leaving a scrimmage involving Roxborough High School, Northeast High School and Boys Latin Charter School, police said.

It was a shooting that rocked the community.

Police said the shooters fired at least 70 shots at the victims and then fled the scene.

Investigators said all five victims were football players. Elizalde was shot once in the left side and later died at the hospital.

Four suspects were arrested in the weeks that followed: 21-year-old Yaaseen Bivins and three minors who are being charged as adults.

As for Burney-Thorn, he was also wanted for a second murder that happened just days before the shooting at Roxborough.

There was a $50,000 reward for Burney-Thorn’s arrest, but the U.S. Marshal’s Office hasn’t commented on whether anyone will be getting the reward money.

Detectives believe Burney-Thorn was hiding out in the Atlanta area at one point, but they developed information several months ago that he had returned to Philadelphia.

Investigators don’t know who was leasing the apartment in Germantown that Burney-Thorn was found in, but they are looking into it.