Rev. Jackie Gilmore Obituary; A Reverend Minister From Greater Zachary Baptist Church Passed Away In An Accident.

The Greater Zachary Baptist Church minister Reverend Jackie Gilmore’s obituary mentions the impact he had on people both personally and professionally. In a heartfelt ode to Reverend Gilmore that she wrote, Collette Horton, who was good friends with him, eloquently conveys the depth of their bond. Reverend Jackie Gilmore was more than simply a preacher; she was a person I could confide in.

When Collette and Reverend Gilmore first met, they were both chaplain candidates, and their bond rapidly transcended religious boundaries. An emotional narrative of a critical interaction between them that happened the day before his untimely passing is provided in the obituary. On Collette’s way to the post office, he had spotted her and pulled over to say hello. His brief but impactful comments as he extended his hand to touch hers were as follows:

“I just wanted you to know that I love you.” He departed after Collette nodded and went into his car. This brief exchange highlights the value of expressing love and thanks whenever possible as well as the frailty of life. . The obituary described Reverend Gilmore as a nice and compassionate guy who frequently stopped by Collette’s workplace to chat with her about her faith and life. His capacity for love was boundless, as were his contagious laugh and good nature. Despite his passing, his legacy and the lessons he taught will endure.

Both the Greater Zachary Baptist Church, where Reverend Gilmore served as pastor, and the individuals whose lives he positively impacted by his genuine love and dedication to faith are better off as a result of his existence. His obituary asks the neighborhood for prayers and consolation as his family, friends, and congregation grieve his departure. The obituary does a fantastic job of capturing the depth of Reverend Jackie Gilmore’s character and the impact he had on those fortunate enough to know him.

It serves as both a celebration of a life well lived and a reminder to express our feelings for those we care about, since you never know when it might be the last time.