Leone Penner Obituary; A Regina, Saskatchewan, Resident For Life Has Passed Away.

The day of her passing, October 24, 2023. She was well-liked and had spent her entire life in Regina, Saskatchewan. Those who knew her will always cherish their memories of her. Leone demonstrated through her life the resilience of the prairies, and her memory will endure in the community where she lived for almost eight decades.

Leone’s strong links to Regina, where she was born and reared, have shaped her character and her ideas. She was a very strong woman who had persevered despite the ups and downs of life. Saskatchewan residents’ way of life was a testament to how tenacious and hardworking they were. Leone was the pillar of her family, providing them with unending love and guidance as a dedicated wife and mother. No matter if they were relatives or friends, everyone who visited her home was made to feel welcome. Everyone who was fortunate enough to consume Leone’s home-cooked meals experienced warmth and contentment.

Leone put up a lot of effort for her neighborhood. She contributed her time, talents, and support to a number of worthwhile initiatives, making Regina a better place for everyone. Her acts of generosity and kindness affected many individuals, and they will inspire others in the future. Leone spent her leisure time fishing at Last Mountain Lake, camping in the Cypress Hills, and exploring the countryside since she was so in love with Saskatchewan’s natural beauty. She developed a deeper passion for the woods as a result of these factors and expressed it to her loved ones.