James Albury Obituary; Longtime Forsyth County, North Carolina Resident Has Passed Away.

On October 24, 2023, James Albury passed away. He was a beloved longtime resident of Forsyth County, North Carolina, and his passing left a void in the lives of his friends and family. He was a rock in his community, and the tales others tell about him will carry on his legacy. James’s unwavering dedication to the development of Forsyth County, where he was born and raised, revealed his deep attachment to the region.

He was a true steward of his town, working hard to make it better for coming generations. His assistance ranged widely, from working with neighborhood groups to lending a hand at civic gatherings. James stood out for being kind and eager to assist others. He put in a lot of effort to advance various causes and raise funds for local charities like food banks, schools, and shelters. His unending kindness made a huge impact on countless people’s lives, and he will always be remembered for his selfless efforts.

James loved spending time with his wife, kids, and grandchildren. He lived for his loved ones, giving them the benefit of his wisdom, his good nature, and his boundless affection. His grandchildren looked up to him as he told them stories about his upbringing and gave them advice. James was a tremendous admirer of nature. On the weekends, he would spend time discovering Forsyth County’s natural beauty, from its serene lakes to its lush hiking paths. He would also instruct others on how to do the same. His passion for outdoor activities fed his deep connection to nature.