Damien Green Shooting; Mayes Academy School Student Passes Away in Englewood Shooting

Damien Green Shooting; Mayes Academy School Student Passes Away in Englewood Shooting

The Englewood community is in mourning over the loss of a second kid following a shooting event that occurred nearby. The boy from Mayes Academy School who was declared dead following the Englewood shooting incident was named as Damien Green.

Unambiguously, the Chicago Police Department has said that a child of that age was shot on Sunday night in the Englewood area and died. The event happened on October 22, 2023, a Sunday night.

On Monday, a meeting was held in an Englewood park that was just dedicated in honour of a local youth who was brutally murdered. You can no longer feel safe at the park because it has turned into a site where crimes have been committed, eliminating any sense of security you may have ever felt there. Englewood Outreach staff member Marlon Hammond described the event as “absolutely heartbreaking,” given that they had to witness it again.

The corpse of 12-year-old Damien Green, who was shot and killed the day before, was found on Monday, the Chicago Police Department said. Damien passed away on Sunday. Green’s lifeless body was discovered lying in the middle of Lowe Street, at the intersection with 67th Street.

The little child’s last known activities, according to the victim’s great-grandmother’s testimony, were playing basketball and attending church. Damien’s relatives verified that he was enrolled in the sixth grade at Benjamin Mays Academy in Englewood prior to his passing.

Michael Tidmore is the programme manager at the boys’ school and is in charge of the Safe Passage programme. Following the conclusion of each programme session, programme staff members make sure that every child is transported home safely.

Furthermore, Tidmore was the main driving force behind the proposal to rename the park in Ryan Harris’ honour. In 1998, the body of Harris, a little girl who had just turned eleven years old, was found in a barren area of Englewood. She had experienced both murder and rape. There’s been another kid in the neighbourhood killed.