Quann Jackson Obituary; Tragically Passed Away After Battling Male Breast Cancer.

Quann Jackson was regarded by many as a close friend. I wish him happiness. Yesterday was his last day on earth. I think it had been seven years since his stage 3 carcinoma male breast cancer diagnosis when he went into remission. Quann was a fierce competitor and had a great sense of grit. When they first met him, they would never have known that he was battling cancer. He always maintained a gorgeous smile and had a great sense of humor.

He was very candid about his battle with cancer on social media. He described how he attended all of his doctor’s visits, exercised frequently, tried to look on the bright side of things, and how, on some days, he felt like the world was against him and in tremendous pain. The first two pictures in this collection were taken during an event I held a little over a week ago.

Quann wanted George Daniels and I to raise our middle fingers and shout, “F**k cancer,” during this performance that he posted with a few other individuals. I had joked that I would never take a photo of myself giving the middle finger to someone, but because of him and the message, I did. I only consented to it since it included him. I included the previous image from his page since I thought it did a particularly excellent job of capturing him. I’m sending his entire family my warmest condolences. Please, Friend We will miss you terribly; please go in peace.