Gavriel Davidov Obituary; Longtime Bukharian Jewish Resident Of New York Has Passed Away.

The Jewish Bukharian community in New York and the United States will never forget October 22, 2023. Today, the city council made a choice that will go down in history by renaming the intersection between 64th Road and 108th Street in honor of a local hero. In honor of the late significant figure in the Bukharian Jewish community, the crossing shall henceforth be referred to as “Gavriel Davidov Z”L crossing.”

Gavriel Davidov was a knowledgeable and passionate Jew in New York City who worked tirelessly to preserve the culture of the Bukharian Jews living there. His tireless efforts and devotion to New York and the United States as a whole will forever be remembered. The Jewish Bukharian community of New York City celebrates an important event in Gavriel Davidov’s life.

It is fitting to remember Gavriel Davidov’s memory by renaming this region in his honor. It’s a memorial to the former leader of the Jewish community in Bukharian, whose memory will forever be honored here. It is impossible to overestimate the importance of this historic occasion in recognizing the accomplishments of various groups in New York City.

It stands for the city’s dedication to respecting both its illustrious past and the forefathers of its distinctive culture. We honor Gavriel Davidov, a figure who had a profound influence on the lives of Bukharian Jews, at the crossroads of 64th Road and 108th Street. His lasting impact on New York and the United States is recognized by the new name of the crossroads, which also stands for the community’s unity among Bukharian Jews.