Frank Craig Obituary; A Dewey Fire Company No. 1 Firefighter Has Passed Away.

We’re here to honor the life and legacy of Firefighter/EMT Frank Craig, a magnificent individual who was a devoted husband and a devoted parent. Frank’s loss has left a vacuum that can never be replaced, and those who had the good fortune to know him will always cherish their memories of him. In addition to being a committed firefighter and EMT, Frank was a handsome man.

His infectious smile and gracious approach have the ability to brighten even the most gloomy environments. His unending generosity has a profound effect on our neighborhood and the lives of several people. Frank set the bar for bravery and selflessness in his line of work as a fireman. In difficult times, he was a ray of hope, and his unwavering commitment to defending and assisting his community was admirable. Frank was a wonderful husband and father as well.

We are all inspired by his unwavering commitment to his loved ones. The most endearing aspects of his charming personality were his genuine concern for those he held dear and his caring presence. It would be an understatement to say that Firefighter/EMT Frank Craig would be missed. He left behind a vacuum in both our lives and our community.