Alberto Rolon Death: Zoraida Bartolomei and 2 kids died in shooting on 500 Concord Ave

Alberto Rolon Death: Zoraida Bartolomei and 2 kids died in shooting on 500 Concord Ave

Alberto Rolon Death News: The mother of a woman murdered alongside her partner and their two children in their suburban Illinois home has said she has no idea why anyone would want to kill them.

Police found the bodies of Zoraida Bartolomei, 32, her partner Alberto Rolo, and her sons Adriel, nine, and Diego, seven, during a routine welfare check on Sunday night at the home in Romeoville.

All had been shot dead, along with the family’s three dogs, at the home on the 500 block of Concord Drive.

Police have ruled out a murder-suicide and warned that the gunman remains on the loose.

‘They were so happy; they had just bought their new house five months ago,’ said Zoraida’s mother Lydia from her home in Puerto Rico.

She had spoken to her daughter shortly before her death on Saturday night as the family settled down to watch a movie, and she cannot understand why they were murdered.

‘There are always people who are avaricious or jealous, but I’ve got no idea,’ she added.

A family member had asked officers from the Romeoville Police Department to carry out a welfare check on the family when one of the adults failed to show up to work at 6 a.m. on Sunday and did not answer their phone.

The officers found a scene of carnage when they arrived at 8.40 p.m. that evening.

Romeoville Police Deputy Chief Chris Burne revealed a few details at a press conference on Monday, citing the ‘sensitivity of the case and the need to protect the integrity of the investigation’.

But he was confident that none of the dead were responsible and that the gunman had left the scene.

‘Due to the time that has gone by, more than 18 hours from the time we were contacted, we are not asking anybody to shelter in place,’ he added.

‘We are not actively looking for anyone in the area but we do always ask our residents to have a sense of self-awareness and report anything they might see as suspicious.’

Police believe the killings took place in the Chicago suburb between 9 p.m. on Saturday, September 16, and 5 a.m. on Sunday.

Crime scene technicians removed several brown and pink bags, along with part of a window, from the three-bedroom home as the investigation got underway yesterday.

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