Yerly ‘Susa’ Lozada Death; 10 Years Old Influencer Dies In Horror Motorcycle Crash In Colombia

In the province of Huila in southwestern Colombia, Yerly ‘Susa’ Lozada, a 10-year-old influencer, was killed in an accident when a public transport bus collided with the motorbike she was riding. On September 12, Yerly “Susa” Lozada and her sister Argebis Lozada, all 31 years old, were travelling on a road that connects Pitalito and San Agustin when the bus driver allegedly lost control and slammed into them.

According to local media, the car experienced a mechanical issue prior to colliding with the motorbike. Paramedics pronounced Yerly Lozada dead at the scene. Argervis Lozada was taken by ambulance to San Antonio Hospital, where she is still being treated and will likely be released on Tuesday or Wednesday.

It is something we believed would never occur, something that so awful,” Yomar Lozada, 25, her brother, told on Monday. It’s a catastrophe that is quite upsetting. The brothers, known as “Yomar, Tecla, and Susa” in all of Colombia, worked from their rural home to produce humorous sketches for social media.

Yomar Lozada recalled that in the early months of 2021, he and his 15-year-old brother Johan Lozada started making films before choosing to add Yerly Lozada. Argebis Lozada played the mother, while her three other brothers played the role of her children.

The humour was centred around a modest household. “Susa made the videos happier.” I reassured him that he could succeed, Yomar Lozada stated. She was a content and happy girl. Yerly Lozada, the youngest of nine children (her oldest sibling passed away 14 years ago), had a dream of becoming well-known as a model and/or an influencer in the Andean country.

The fourth grader’s major objective was to assist her siblings in collecting funds so that her mother could be built a home where she could run her fried pastry business rather than on the streets. Yomar Lozada remarked, “She had dreams that were very, very big.”

“I don’t know, everything changed from one second to the next.” She claimed that the brothers had recently completed a film honouring her late sister and had lately discussed with their parents whether or not to keep making content. Yomar Lozada stated, “She was the page’s promoter.” Therefore, I find it quite challenging since I check the page to see. My mother, my brothers, father and I are all impacted by this.


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