Frank Owens Car Accident: Maestro of Music and a Beacon of Artistry, Frank Owens Dies in Fatal Crash


Frank Owens Car Accident: Maestro of Music and a Beacon of Artistry, Frank Owens Dies in Fatal Crash

Frank Owens Car Accident: Frank Owens, a musical virtuoso and a true legend in the world of music, passed away after leaving an indelible mark on the stage, television, and hearts of many. For seven remarkable years, he graced the role of music director for NBC TV’s Showtime at the Apollo, enchanting audiences with his talent and passion. His journey in the realm of music was awe-inspiring, leaving an everlasting legacy that will resonate through the ages. Frank Owens was 90 years old. Creating music to the end. Sad news. Love and prayers to his family.

A man of diverse talents, Frank Owens wore many hats, showcasing his brilliance as a musician, conductor, and pianist. He mesmerised audiences in the Hartford, CT, Theatreworks production of Paul Robeson, embodying the character of Lawrence Brown. Frank’s reach extended beyond borders; he conducted memorable performances, including the Fourth of July Celebration of American Jazz, Pop, and Broadway in Moscow.

His musical genius was not confined to grand stages alone; Frank graced the intimate settings of Mortimer’s and the Hotel Carlyle’s Bemelman’s Bar, leaving an indelible imprint on all who had the privilege to witness his artistry. Collaborating with renowned artists like Ruth Brown, he orchestrated and conducted albums that became timeless classics.

Frank Owens was not only a maestro of music but also a mentor and friend to many. Chad Carter, a fortunate soul to have worked closely with Frank, expressed his deep gratitude and admiration for the guidance and friendship he received. He beautifully recounted how Frank’s musical excellence illuminated the world, touching countless lives and leaving an unforgettable legacy.

Chad Carter’s heartfelt words reflect the sentiments of all who had the honor of knowing Frank Owens. His kindness, class, and generosity offstage were as remarkable as his musical prowess. Frank’s passion for music, his thoughtful gestures, and his perpetual pursuit of excellence will be cherished and remembered fondly.

As we bid farewell to this extraordinary soul, we find solace in knowing that Frank Owens will live on through his music, which has and will continue to resonate in our hearts. Our deepest condolences go out to his family, friends, and fans. The world has indeed lost a true musical icon, but his legacy will endure, reminding us that legends never truly fade—they live on in the notes, melodies, and hearts they’ve touched.

Godspeed, Maestro Owens. Your music will echo in eternity, and your memory will forever be a source of inspiration and joy.

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