Steve Magnante Health Update: What happened to the ‘Junkyard King’ Steve Magnante?


Steve Magnante Illness – Health Update: What happened to the ‘Junkyard King’ Steve Magnante?

In recent news, Steve Magnante, a prominent figure in the world of automotive journalism and a familiar face at the renowned Barrett Jackson auctions, has found himself confronting health obstacles.

Steve has been in the hospital for a pretty long spell and over the duration of that time has been battling a brain infection, his family confirmed in a news release.

In the past month, there has been a growing buzz surrounding his condition, causing worry among his friends, colleagues, and fans. In a heartfelt YouTube video, the ‘Uncle Tony’s Garage’ channel, a close associate of Steve, recently provided an update on his health condition.

Steve’s unbridled enthusiasm for modified high-performance machinery is life-long, but for more than 15 years he has been sharing his passion and technical knowledge through print and television media.

Who is Steve Magnante?

According to, Steve Magnante is a car guy of epic proportions and a car builder of miniature scale — 1:25 scale, to be exact. He’ll toss the instructions aside to custom-build some of his favorite cars. Drawing from his encyclopedic mind, his vault of vintage magazines, and a near junkyard worth of spare parts, Steve hot rods ordinary kits to become extraordinary glimpses into automotive history.

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