Lachlan Bowles Shooting; Shot Himself After Shooting Co-worker Terry Czernowski

In a tragic incident at a grain silo business located in Kelleberrin, Australia, approximately 127 miles east of Perth, Lachlan Bowles, a 25-year-old individual, reportedly shot his co-worker Terry Czernowski, a father in his 40s.

The incident occurred at around 8:40 a.m. On Wednesday, a significant event took place. In a city-wide shutdown, law enforcement initiated a day-long manhunt for Bowles, who was clad in camouflage attire, following the shooting incident. Police have located Bowles early this afternoon, who was found holed up inside a rural property.

In a recent report by the West Australian newspaper, it was stated that he was observed waving a Nazi flag and donning a swastika. In a daring escape, Bowles managed to flee the scene, firing shots at a passing vehicle.

Remarkably, the driver emerged unscathed, narrowly avoiding any harm. In a dramatic turn of events, police successfully cornered the individual identified as Bowles in a field after an intense standoff that lasted for several hours.

However, tragically, the gunman ultimately took his own life. The individual was declared deceased at the location. In a press conference held on Thursday night, Regional Police Commander Rod Wilde revealed to the gathered media that Bowles had been found approximately 12 miles north of the city.

According to Wilde, the individual was positioned in a field and had been engaged in conversation with Tactical Response Group officers for an extended period of time.

In a recent investigation, several key findings have been uncovered. The report reveals that a thorough examination was conducted to shed light on the matter at

During the incident, a police car was shot at by an unidentified individual. However, it was later discovered that the suspect, Bowles, had taken his own life, ultimately bringing the standoff to an end.

According to Wilde, the outcome is clearly tragic for all parties concerned. Reports indicate that Czernowski was a father to a young daughter. In a recent development, it has been revealed that the individual who tragically lost their life had visited my store as recently as last Friday.

In an interview with the Western Australian newspaper, Tony, the proprietor of Kellerberrin Pie Shop and Bakery, shared details about their conversation regarding his Father’s Day plans. According to another local resident, Czernowski was described as “the life of the party” and widely recognised within the community. In a city that he called home for several years, Bowles had established his residence.

According to Commander Wilde, it is believed that both men were acquainted and had a professional relationship while working at Kelleberrin. However, it has been clarified that they were not related to each other.

In a recent statement, the individual further verified that Bowles had obtained the necessary licences to possess a variety of firearms. According to a local government bulletin from the Shire of Tammin, it has been reported that in 2022, a certain individual named Bowles served as a volunteer paramedic with St John Ambulance.

In the aftermath of the shooting, law enforcement swiftly and decisively responded to the incident, taking strong measures to address the situation. Police promptly issued an alert, urgently seeking the whereabouts of Bowles in the Kellerberrin area.

In a statement, a spokesperson from the Western Australian Police has advised the public to refrain from approaching Mr. Bowles or his vehicle. Instead, they are urged to immediately contact the police by dialling triple-0. In light of the incident, residents of Kellerberrin were advised to remain indoors.


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