Raeleena Barlett Arrest: Woman charged after infant found dead in Kansas City field


Raeleena Barlett Arrest: Woman charged after infant found dead in Kansas City field.

According to Jackson County Prosecutor Jean Peters Baker, a woman from Kansas City has been charged in relation to the death and abandonment of an infant. The body of the infant was discovered in a field located in the vicinity of 40th and Pittman back in May.

25-year-old Raeleena S. Barlett finds herself in legal trouble as she faces a serious felony charge of Abandonment of a Corpse.

In a recent development, court records reveal that on May 13, Kansas City police officers swiftly sprung into action after receiving a distressing report of a deceased individual in the vicinity of a residential area.

Authorities located the lifeless body of an infant in a field situated on a sprawling 19-acre vacant lot, located in close proximity to the intersection of 40th Street and Pittman Road. In a development that occurred two days later, Bartlett, the mother of the deceased infant, reportedly informed a witness that her child had passed away. The mother, however, declined to provide any further details concerning the death.

According to Bartlett, she informed the police that her daughter had passed away on May 6. She claimed to have discovered the child in a cold and stiff state. The circumstances surrounding the child’s abandonment in the field remain unknown to her.

The investigation into this case is ongoing. In a recent development, the cause and manner of the child’s death have been officially declared as undetermined by the Jackson County Medical Examiner.

During the investigation, no evidence of physical abuse of the child was found.

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