Tiara Scott Shooting; Identified As Victim Shot During Officer-Involved Shooting In A Madison County Subdivision


In a tragic incident that unfolded on Tuesday night, the victim of an officer-involved shooting in a Madison County subdivision has been identified as Tiara Scott, aged 34.

In a tragic turn of events, the suspect, identified as 24-year-old Laddarius Johnson, met his demise at the scene following a harrowing exchange of gunfire with law enforcement officers. According to authorities, in addition to the initial victim, two other individuals were shot and subsequently transported to a nearby hospital for treatment of their injuries.

In a recent development, authorities have successfully identified the individual they suspect to be responsible for the shooting of three individuals during a domestic dispute in Madison County on Tuesday night.

In a recent development, the Mississippi Bureau of Investigation has officially confirmed the identity of the individual in question as Laddarius Johnson, aged 24.

In a tragic incident, three additional individuals were shot, with reports indicating that at least one of them tragically lost their life. In a recent development, the Madison County Coroner has officially confirmed the unfortunate demise of Tiara Scott, a 34-year-old individual. The cause of death has been attributed to the injuries she sustained.

In the Oakfield Subdivision, a dispute unfolded along Oakfield Boulevard, near the intersection of Clarkdell Road.

In a recent statement, Madison County Sheriff Randy Tucker revealed that his department was contacted shortly before 10 p.m. regarding a domestic disturbance involving a male and female.

At the entrance of the neighbourhood, two gunshot victims were discovered by officers upon their arrival. In a dramatic turn of events, deputies engaged in a pursuit of the suspect that ultimately led them to the neighborhood’s clubhouse. Tragically, it was at this location that the suspect allegedly fired his weapon, causing harm to a third victim.

During that moment, a fierce exchange of gunfire erupted between law enforcement officers and the suspect. In a tragic turn of events, Johnson met his untimely demise at the scene. According to official reports, there were no injuries sustained by any officers involved.

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