Alejandro Diaz Shooting; Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Deputy Shot and Killed By Police On Fontana Golf Course


The individual who was fatally shot by law enforcement officials on a golf course in Fontana has been officially identified as an off-duty deputy from the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department. This revelation was made public on Wednesday.

In a recent development, the Fontana Police Department has reported an incident that unfolded in the vicinity of the Sierra Lakes Golf Club. At approximately 4 p.m., law enforcement authorities were alerted to the situation following a distress call made by a woman. According to the caller, her husband had discharged a firearm, targeting a wall within their residence.

According to reports, the individual in question was described as visibly distressed and consuming alcoholic beverages prior to purportedly discharging the gunshots.

According to a caller, it was reported that the individual departed from the residence and proceeded to the golf course while in possession of a firearm.

In a swift response, Fontana police arrived at the golf course and confronted the individual in question. According to authorities, officers issued verbal commands to the suspect before opening fire, although no further details were provided.

In a tragic turn of events, officers and paramedics swiftly initiated life-saving measures upon arriving at the scene. Regrettably, despite their valiant efforts, the man’s condition did not improve, prompting his immediate transfer to a nearby hospital. Tragically, medical professionals at the hospital were left with no choice but to pronounce him deceased. These distressing details were confirmed by officials.

The individual in question has been identified as Alejandro Diaz, aged 45. The Fontana Police Department is currently collaborating with the ongoing investigation, which has been assumed by the San Bernardino County sheriff’s and district attorney’s offices, according to authorities.

In a sombre announcement, the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department expressed their profound sadness upon learning about the devastating shooting incident that claimed the life of one of their off-duty deputies.

The ongoing investigation being conducted by the Fontana Police Department and the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department has prompted us to establish close communication with them.

In a statement, the LASD expressed that this incident has proven to be incredibly challenging for both the family affected, as well as their personnel and the officers directly involved.

In a statement released by the Fontana Police Department, they expressed their understanding of the significant impact that this incident has had on both the community and law enforcement in general.

They emphasised their commitment to upholding transparent communication and building trust with the community as they navigate through this difficult situation.

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