Casey Clontz and Keegan Clontz Death: Father and son identified among five killed in horrific Plum, PA explosion


Casey Clontz and Keegan Clontz Obituary News – Death: Father and son identified among five killed in horrific Plum, PA explosion.

Two of the five deceased victims of a tragic home explosion in Pennsylvania have now been identified as 38-year-old father Casey Clontz and his 12-year-old son Keegan Clontz.

Casey and Keegan were among the people found dead following the incident in Plum, western Pennsylvania, on Saturday morning.

A sudden blast was reported to have occurred at approximately 10:30 am on Rustic Ridge Drive in the Rustic Ridge Estates neighbourhood, located approximately 20 miles (32 kilometres) east of Pittsburgh.

In a devastating incident, three homes were completely destroyed, with one being completely levelled and the other two consumed by flames. Reports indicate that a minimum of twelve additional buildings have sustained damage.

In a statement on Sunday, Plum Borough Police Chief Lanny Conley revealed that the remains of four adults and one teenager were discovered amidst the debris.

In addition to the initial individual discovered trapped under the debris, several others were also found in a similar predicament. As a result, emergency responders swiftly transported three of these individuals to the hospital for necessary medical attention.

On Sunday, it was reported that two of the victims have been released, while one individual continues to be in critical condition.

In a recent announcement, Steve Imbarlina, the deputy director of fire and emergency services for Allegheny County, revealed that a total of 57 firefighters were treated at the scene for minor issues.

Casey and Keegan, resided just four houses away from the location of the blast at 141 Rustic Ridge Drive. It appears that the two individuals were visiting their neighbours at the time when the blast occurred.

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