United Center Shooting: Active Shooter, Shots Fired at the Chicago lil Dirk Concert


United Center Shooting; Several emergency responders are currently on the scene of an unconfirmed incident at the United Center. The incident happened at the Chicago Little Dirk concert on Saturday, August 12, 2023.

As of right now, no reports of injuries have been made. Regarding this shooting, the authorities have not released any information.

The investigation is still in progress.

What Happened at United Center Shooting?

The United Center in Chicago quickly called off a concert on Saturday night after responding to erroneous reports of firearms fired, according to officials.

Social media videos of the WGCI Summer Jam show’s finale, rapper Lil Durk’s act in the arena, were taken at that moment. Concertgoers were seen rushing swiftly in the direction of the building’s exits.

Officers assigned to the United Center were sent to the scene to look into allegations of gunfire outside the arena’s south entrance. The report was “not bona fide,” according to a department representative, after further examination.

A spokeswoman for the United Center stated that the decision to evacuate the arena was made due to safety considerations.

A representative for the United Center informed NBC 5 that “we are collaborating closely with law enforcement to investigate all incidents from last night at the WGCI Summer Jam Show.” The safety of our visitors and personnel is a top priority, thus it became clear to everyone involved that terminating the event early was in everyone’s best interest.

A spokeswoman continued, “We are grateful that the original incident reports were untrue and that visitors left the building safely.

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