Malik Urfan Sharif Identified As Taxi Driver, Father of a 10-Year-Old Girl, Murdered In A Woking House Before Three Suspects fled The UK


In April, Malik Urfan Sharif, 31, along with his wife Beenish and their children, relocated to a three-bedroom council house worth £550,000 in the tranquil village of Horsell, situated near Woking. In Woking, a taxi driver named Sharif received distressing news when his 10-year-old daughter, known to the local community as Sara, was discovered early Thursday morning following a police response to a “concern call.”

According to detectives, three individuals have been identified as persons of interest, whom they are eager to interview. These individuals are suspected to have left the country on Wednesday, mere hours before the discovery of the girl’s body.

The individual in question has been residing in the United Kingdom for an extended period of time and hails from Pakistan as their country of origin. A man is employed as a taxi driver, operating a vehicle with a hire car licence plate, stationed outside Woking station.

In a recent development, another neighbour has come forward to confirm the identity of the individual in question. This confirmation came after being presented with the suspect’s social media profile. The neighbour, who wishes to remain anonymous, revealed that the suspect was an ardent supporter of Imran Khan, the renowned political figure.

Notably, the suspect had a picture of Khan prominently displayed in his car, indicating his admiration for the politician. Last night, neighbours made claims that two cars had vanished from the driveway on the same night Sara died.

According to residents residing on Hammond Road in the town of Horsell, the vehicles in question were present on the property for several hours prior to the tragic discovery of the deceased boy. In the early hours of the morning, emergency services swiftly arrived at a residential street at 2:50am in response to reports expressing concern for the welfare of a child.

According to The Mirror, it was discovered that both cars had vanished from the scene. On Facebook, Sara’s father has expressed his concerns regarding the cost of taxi licences. Three years ago, he commented on a post about fares, revealing that he had paid £1,145 for an annual permit.

The identity of Sharif remains unknown as Surrey police are currently searching for three individuals who fled the country prior to the discovery of the girl’s body.

In a recent development, it has been observed that videos of him in the garden of the family home in Woking have been uploaded on his social media. Interestingly, the furniture depicted in these videos appears to match the furniture that was discovered after a back door was inadvertently left unlocked by the police.

Former Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan is featured in several clips as well. Sharif, who attended the local mosque, was described by his friends as “not very religious.” Former Tory councillor Rashid Mohammed described him as a “hard-working family man” and a “good friend,” according to The Times.

According to reports, Sharif is said to have relocated to Britain from Pakistan approximately two decades ago. A fellow taxi driver, who spoke to the publication, described the family as “always friendly and upbeat.”

In a statement released on Friday, Detective Chief Inspector Debbie White provided an update on the ongoing investigation into the tragic incident. She emphasised that the investigation has been progressing steadily, with several inquiries currently underway.

Three individuals have been identified by authorities as persons of interest in an ongoing investigation. According to sources, it has been determined that these individuals departed the country on Wednesday, August 9. The user stated that they are collaborating with their partners, which includes international authorities, in order to locate the individuals in question.

In a display of investigative efforts, officers have been diligently conducting house-to-house investigations in the local area today. It is anticipated that a continued police presence will be maintained at the scene for the duration of the upcoming week.

In a statement, Inspector Sandra Carlier, the Woking District Commander, expressed her sentiments regarding the recent events. She acknowledged the profound impact on the community, emphasising their shared shock and sadness.

Inspector Carlier assured the public that they stand united in their collective sorrow. Officers will continue to be present in the area, carrying out patrols and investigations as part of the ongoing investigation throughout the weekend. The speaker emphasised their belief that there is currently no perceived threat to the general public.

A significant number of law enforcement officers were observed at the semi-detached residence located on Hammond Road this past Friday, coinciding with individuals placing floral tributes on the pavement.

In a shocking turn of events, multiple neighbours have expressed their profound state of shock upon receiving the news. According to a statement released on Thursday evening, Surrey Police responded to a call at approximately 2.50am that morning due to concerns regarding the safety of a girl at the mentioned address.

The investigation is currently being spearheaded by the major crime team of Surrey Police and Sussex Police. According to Surrey Police, specially trained officers are currently providing support to the loved ones of the child, who have been informed about the situation.

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