Alfie Brown Accident; Identified As Victim In Hit-and-Run Accident While Cycling Home From Friend’s House


In a tragic incident, 13-year-old Alfie Brown lost his life in a hit-and-run accident while returning home from a friend’s residence. Those who knew him have fondly remembered him as a remarkable and exceptional young individual.

In a tragic incident near North Walsham, Norfolk, a man named Alfie Brown lost his life after being struck by a white Ford Ranger truck. The vehicle involved in the accident failed to stop at the scene, leaving Brown with fatal injuries.

At 6:24 p.m. on Thursday, officers were summoned to the scene, resulting in the closure of the road.Emergency services, including ambulance paramedics and an air ambulance, were deployed to provide assistance.

Tragically, Alfie succumbed to his injuries and passed away at the scene.Aunt Emma Brown has recently initiated a go-fund-me campaign with the intention of providing him with a farewell that truly befits his accomplishments.

This campaign has managed to amass an impressive sum of over £10,600 from nearly 600 generous contributions. According to the fundraising page, Emma described Alfie as an adventurous, intelligent, and remarkable young boy who had a promising future ahead of him. In a heartfelt statement, the user expressed that life will forever be altered in the absence of an individual, and that their memory will remain etched in the hearts of those affected.

Alfie, an avid enthusiast, found great joy in engaging in various activities such as riding his bike, playing the guitar, and expanding his knowledge through continuous learning. In an effort to provide Alfie with a fitting farewell, his family has initiated a fundraising campaign to gather funds for various expenses, including flowers and other necessary arrangements.

According to the user, “every pound goes a long way.” According to Norfolk police, the driver involved in the incident, who failed to stop, was promptly located.

In a recent development, a male individual, believed to be in his 50s, has been apprehended by authorities under suspicion of committing a grave offence. The charges brought against him include causing death through dangerous driving and neglecting to halt at the location of a collision.

In a recent development, authorities have confirmed that the individual in question has been taken into custody for the purpose of questioning. However, as of now, no further updates have been provided by the police regarding this matter.In a heartfelt tribute shared on social media, Andrew Brown, the father of the teenager, expressed his profound sorrow as he informed his friends about the tragic demise of his beloved son, Alfie Brown.

The young life was abruptly cut short in a devastating hit and run incident that occurred in Swafield. In a heartfelt message, the user expresses their love for Alfie, who has sadly passed away.In a recent statement, the individual revealed, “My sister, Emma Brown, has taken the initiative to establish a gofundme page in order to assist with the expenses at hand, as she possesses a surplus of £5,000.”

In a recent Facebook post, Bex Beauchamp, the mother of Alfie, expressed her gratitude for the support received from Andrew’s family on Thursday, as well as from her own family and friends. The user expressed their desire to assist in ensuring that Alfie receives a proper send-off and the dignity he deserves, highlighting the driver’s failure to provide it at the scene.

They earnestly requested others to join in this endeavour. The user expressed gratitude towards the individual who stopped and made an effort to assist their pet, Alfie. Norfolk Police have issued a request for assistance from individuals who may have witnessed the collision or possess dash cam footage that could be pertinent to the investigation.

The Norfolk Police Major Collision Investigation Unit is urging anyone who possesses information regarding a particular incident to come forward. They can do so by contacting the unit at 101 or by sending an email to [email protected]. When reaching out, individuals should remember to quote the reference number NC-10082023-376.


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