Hori Gage Shot Dead; identified as victim of fatal Palmerston North gang shooting


In Palmerston North last weekend, a tragic incident occurred where a young father lost his life amidst escalating gang tensions. According to a close friend, the victim was known for being a loving parent with an incredibly generous and compassionate nature.

In a tragic incident on Sunday, 27-year-old Hori Gage, a member of the notorious Mongrel Mob, was fatally shot in broad daylight. In a tragic incident, law enforcement authorities were summoned following reports of a firearm being discharged. Regrettably, shortly thereafter, an individual named Gage succumbed to their injuries.

According to an anonymous source, the individual in question has been described as “an incredible young man.”

In an interview with the Herald, she expressed her belief that this unfortunate incident should never have occurred.

According to reports, Hori’s utmost priority in life was his children and his spouse. It is said that he cherished them above all else, demonstrating an immense amount of love and devotion towards his family.

According to her, Gage was described as kind, gentle, possessing “the biggest heart,” and having a “goofiest laugh.”

In a shocking incident on Main St, Palmerston North, a man was captured on video being run over amidst a violent gang brawl.

In a shocking incident on Main St, Palmerston North, a man was captured on video being run over during a violent gang brawl.

In a heartfelt tribute, it was expressed that the individual in question had a profound appreciation for life, embracing it wholeheartedly and without any sense of remorse. Described as an exemplary figure, it was suggested that anyone would consider themselves fortunate to possess even half of the admirable qualities that this person embodied.

In a heartfelt message, one individual expressed their condolences, saying, “Rest in peace, Hori. We hold immense love for you and hope you soar high, dear boy.”

According to several individuals, the passing of the deceased individual is being regarded as a significant tragedy for his children and significant other. Many have expressed the sentiment that his untimely demise is deeply regrettable.

In a remarkably brief period, the individual in question has managed to create a collection of memories that will undoubtedly endure for a lifetime. The memory of this person, referred to as brother Hori, will forever remain etched in their recollections.

In the ongoing pursuit of justice, the police are actively searching for the perpetrator responsible for Gage’s untimely demise. Manawatū Area Commander Inspector Ross Grantham has confirmed that the police are keen on engaging in conversations with several individuals as part of their investigation.

In response to the situation, he clarified that the individuals in question should not be automatically considered as suspects. The individuals in question are being sought for questioning in order to exclude them as potential subjects of the investigation.

In a tragic turn of events, Gage’s untimely demise occurred after a weekend filled with heightened tension within the city. This period was marked by intense clashes, one of which involved a member of the Black Power group being forcefully removed from their position and subsequently enduring a retaliatory assault that resulted in the severing of their finger.

According to reports, there is no belief that Gage was involved in the incident that occurred on Friday night outside a bar on Main St. The incident involved a person being violently run down in the street by a car.

According to reports, the altercation is believed to have been instigated as a retaliatory strike in response to the murder of Raniel Kiu, a member of the Mongrel Mob, which occurred back in May. In a tragic turn of events, Kiu has passed away at the hospital following a distressing discovery of severe injuries at a residence located on Dahlia Street.

In a recent development, the police have made an urgent appeal to the public, requesting any information or sightings related to a burnt-out car. The authorities are seeking assistance in their investigation following a specific incident.


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