California Shooting; authorities find woman in her 70s, 6-year-old boy shot dead during welfare check

Two deceased individuals has been reportedly found dead, one of whom was a young child, inside a residence in California. The unfortunate incident occurred on Friday during a welfare check conducted by officials.

woman in her 70s and a 6-year-old boy were discovered by San Jose police officers in an apartment unit at the Vista Apartments complex. According to a family member, the woman and boy were tragically shot and killed, as reported by the news outlet. According to the San Jose Police Department, the incident is currently under investigation as a homicide.

In a tragic incident, the lifeless bodies of a woman and a young boy were discovered on Friday at an apartment complex in San Jose, California. The distressing discovery was made by law enforcement officials who were conducting a welfare check at the residence.

The motive behind the slayings remains unknown. According to a family member, the individual believed to be responsible for the crime is reported to be the uncle of the child and the nephew of the deceased woman.

San Jose has experienced its 23rd and 24th homicides of the year, according to reports. According to Jenkins, she observed the man a few days prior, displaying signs of agitation and unease.

The individual is reported to have a mental condition, which is believed to be the cause of their behavior. In the absence of drugs, he exhibits erratic behavior.

In a shocking turn of events, it has been reported that an individual allegedly absconded with a tablet belonging to the user. In a recent development, a laptop belonging to the individual’s boyfriend has come into focus.

It has been brought to attention that the individual’s boyfriend intended to sell the laptop in order to acquire illicit substances. According to reports, it has been suggested that he may not be in a sound mental state. In a statement, she expressed her disagreement, stating, “He is completely incorrect.”

According to the San Jose Police Department, they have announced their intention to provide additional information in the near future.


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