Elisabeth Tracy Missing: Police Announce the Missing of 35-Years-Old (She is Six Months Pregnant) and her Four Young Male Children ages 9, 7, 3, and 1 years Old


Elisabeth Tracy Missing: Police Announce the Missing of 35-Years-Old (She is Six Months Pregnant) and her Four Young Male Children ages 9, 7, 3, and 1 years Old

In a heartbreaking turn of events, 35-year-old mother Elisabeth Rebecca Dunlap Tracy and her four young children have mysteriously vanished, leaving the town of Layton, Utah, in disbelief.

The local police are requesting the public’s assistance in their efforts to bring the family back home safely after their mysterious disappearance sparked a large search operation.

Elisabeth Tracy and Children Missing
Devoted mother Elisabeth Tracy was last seen in the early hours of a fateful day with her four children, who were then ages 9, 7, 3, and 1.

The family was seen on security tape leaving their Layton home at around one in the morning on July 19, 2023, but it is unknown where they were going or why.

Elisabeth was reportedly spotted “packing supplies” prior to departing, which suggests that the trip may not have been anticipated or planned. Given that Elisabeth is six months pregnant, the circumstance has only increased worries for the welfare of her unborn child, her four children, and herself.

Further complicating the hunt is the fact that the Tracy family’s car, a white 2013 Dodge Journey with the Utah license plate V70 0JW, has also been reported missing.

As search efforts to find Elisabeth and her children continue, authorities and concerned individuals are advised to keep an eye out for this unusual vehicle.

The community’s worry mounts as the hours pass, and the need to find the missing family becomes increasingly urgent. No matter how tiny it may appear, every sighting, tip, or piece of information could be essential in rescuing Elisabeth and her kids.

The Layton Utah Police Department has opened a formal investigation into the matter (case number 23-18761) and is putting forth great effort to track down any leads that could provide information regarding the whereabouts of the Tracy family. They are requesting that anyone with information on what they may have seen or heard in connection with this event come forward.

Concerned people have also used social media platforms to spread the word about the search and rally fellow citizens to help. On Facebook, a request has been made for any sightings, information, or anything that can help find Elisabeth and her kids.

You are invited to get in touch with the Layton, Utah Police Department or share your knowledge via Facebook Messenger if you have any pertinent information.

The disappearance of Elisabeth Tracy and her four children has had a significant impact on the whole Layton community, and everyone is most worried about their safety. The Tracy family is receiving support from friends, relatives, and total strangers alike as they all pray for their safety, hope for their safe return, and wish them well.

We can only hope that as the search gets more intense and the neighborhood shows its support, the combined efforts will result in Elisabeth Tracy and her kids being reunited with her safely and without delay.

Every second matters, and any piece of knowledge could be the key to solving this mysterious case. Let’s band together as a community and keep looking for Elisabeth and her kids so that we can return them to their rightful place at home.

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